British Automotive Maintenance 101
A comprehensive listing designed to provide the hobbyist with fundamental technical knowledge for most
British sport cars.Some sites are model specific but the basic information applies equally to all marques.
Getting Started
Shop Safety
Floor Jacks 101
Air Compressors
Spanner Size
Wrenches 101
Bolt Science 101
Taps & Dies
Fastener Training Manual
Key to Nut & Bolt Sizes
Tools to carry on the Road
Travel Check List
Understanding You Car
Trouble Shooting
T/S All Systems
T/S Noises
T/S Suspension
T/S Brakes
T/S Ignition
T/S Fuel Delivery
T/S SU Carbs
T/S Carbs
When all else fails give it a good British"Bashing"
Using the Multimeter
Lucus Wiring Colors
Ignition Test 101
Ignition Timing 102
Distributor-What does it do
Alternator-How it Works
How Ignition Systems Work
Ignition Condensor
Battery Maintenance 101
SU Fuel Pumps 101
Carburetor Choices
Stromberg Carbs
SU-H/Type Tech
Tuning your SUs
Tuning vs. Setting SU Carbs
Constant Depression Theory
SU Needle Selection Chart
Tuning Weber DGV
Stromberg-175 & SU-HS6
Weber Diagrams
Tuning Weber DCOE/1
Weber Tech Info 1
Weber Tech Info 2
Weber Hesititation Expose
Rod noise Diagnosis
Engine Noise 101
How to use and Interpret a Vacuum gauage
Vacuum testing
Compression testing 101
Compression Test Forms
Camshaft 101
Valve Failures:
Causes & Cures
Brake Fluids
Brake Plumbing
Brake Bleeding
Disk Brakes
Emergency Brake Adjustment
We all need some basic help
 Spark Plugs 101
T/S Problems with your car
T/S Starter & Charging
T/S Wheel Bearings
Fix Common Brake Problems
T/S A to Z
SU Rebuilding 101
Camshaft Failure Analysis
Crankshaft Bearing Installation
Voltage Regulator 101
Stopping Cooling System Corrosion
SU Principals of Operation
Winter Storage
T/S Weber Carburetor
Tuning Weber DCOE/2
Complete Brake Repair
T/S Low Oil Pressure
Overheating Guide
T/S Water pump
T/S Coolant Loss/Leaks
Brake Failure/Fluid Leak
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Report any broken
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Torque Wrench 101
Corrosion 101
Buffing & Polishing
Paint Care Tips
Armstrong Shocks
Tire Code Translation
Wheel & Tire Bible
Tire Tech
Advice & Tech Tips
T/S Electrical Problems
T/S Tire & Wheel
T/S Wire Wheels
T/S Rack & Pinion Steering Problems
T/S Lucas Points
T/S Through the Exhaust Pipe
T/S Exhaust Problems
T/S Faulty Clutch
T/S Oil Pump Problems
T/S Blown Head Gasket
Batteries 101
Ground - issues
Disconnecting the Battery
Finding an Open or Short Circuit
Relays 101
The Starting System
Guide to fixing a Starter
Uncover Ignition Problems
Look at Your Plugs
Hot/Cold Plugs
Piston Diagnostic Guide
Piston ring failure diagnosis
Engine Oil Bible
Head Gasket Problem Diagnosis
Radiator Tips
Spring Brake Tune-up
Stuck Brake Caliper Piston
Warped Brake Rotors
Fixing Handbrake Problems
Brake Fluid Testing
Inspecting Brake Hydraulics
A Stumble at Cruise SU's and Timing
Lucas Fault Diagnosis Service Manual.pdf
Guide to Basic Car Maintenance
Engine Failure-Causes
Engine won't Start or Run
T/S Engine Temp Problems
Valve Guide Repair
Weak Valve Springs
Head Gasket Failure
Engine Vacuum Leakes
T/S Oil Consumption
Overheating:Causes & Cures
Leakdown Test
Engine Noise 103
T/S Intermittent Engine Problems
Oil Filters Revealed
Lucas Tech Service
Valve Stem Seal
Oil Pressure Gauge
Oil Pressure Relief Valve
T/S Fault Diagnosis
Checking the Starting Circuit
Oil Pump
The Brake Bible
Spark Plug Wires
Piston Ring Gap
Engine Crankshaft Bearings
Rod Bearings Damage Guide
Adjusting Valves
Engine Runs Badly
High/Low Oil Pressure
T/S Problems
How a Clutch Works-Video
Carb Models by Year
1-Reference Filter
Rod Bearing Wear Analysis
Electrical Systems
Charging System Checks
Battery Testing
Easy Test for Shorted Battery Cells
Battery Drain Testing
How to Check Battery Drain
Ignition Overview
Understanding Alterators/Overview
Battery Bad Cell Test
Warped Brake Discs
Engine Noises-What's Wrong
T/S Clutch Notes
Dieseling...The Whole Story
Illustrated Auto Glossary
Engine Maintenance Tips
Generators Explained
Bring a Car Out of Storage
Balancing Wire Wheels
Tires for British Sport Cars
Tire&Wheel Sizing
Point Type Ignition Systems
Ignition Systems III
Car Care Enclyclopedia
T/S & Repair Articles
Engine Diagnosis & Repair Help
Spark Plug/Wires-Facts & Repair
Tools you need
Garage Tools Tech
T/S Spark Plugs
How a car works
T/S Repack Wheel Bearings
Radiator Maintenance
Complete SU Guide